Do Goodyear Welt Sneakers exist ? The answer will surprise you

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Today, we are going to talk sneakers, everybody has a pair or five but what if I could show you a pair that’s goodyear welted ? Most sneakers can’t be Goodyear Welt shoes because of the silhouette and the design and the concern is that if you Goodyear welt a sneaker, it would no longer look like a sneaker.

But there is an enterprise that has somewhat managed to solve this issue while still presenting an attractive, desirable sneaker, that company is the Australian brand Feit.

They have managed to create a great Goodyear Welt Sneaker that looks great. They refer to it as the Handsewn low, made of vegetable tanned leather, these should be quite durable.

Now, on to the construction and here is where it gets a little unclear as to what they do, they basically welt together the upper, insole and midsole together, just like in a Goodyear Welt and then according to them, they cement the leather outsole to the midsole using a natural, water based glue.

Now in a traditional Goodyear welt, which if you don’t understand you can refer to the shoe construction page on this website. In a traditional welt, the outsole is also attached to the welt, the only part that is glued on is a canvas rib between the outsole and midsole, where the footbed is. So it’s unclear what they have actually done, if the outsole is glued, it’s not really a goodyear welt.


  1. Vegetable tanned leather is significantly more durable than other tanning methods
  2. Leather will definitely form a nice patina with age.
  3. Appealing styling
  4. Resoleable


  1. Price
  2. Not exactly sure of the construction method here.

Now, lets talk about how much they cost, because they are more expensive than a pair of common projects, they retail at $ 575.

Should you buy these ? Well I wouldn’t, I’d rather go for a sneaker with a sidestitch like a common projects but if you like the design, I’d say go for it just based on the leather being used. I leave the purchasing decision to you.

Click Here to buy it directly from Feit

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4 thoughts on “Do Goodyear Welt Sneakers exist ? The answer will surprise you”

  1. Standard Fair has come out with a re-soleable shoe that used Blake. However, Barker has a sneaker called the Jimmy, that used true Goodyear welting.

    1. I do like what standard fair is doing, I might buy a pair when they come out with some more designs and colour schemes, but As far as the Barker Jimmy goes, I can’t bring myself to like it. It’s a derby shoe with a sneaker vamp and toe.

    1. There are plenty of resolable sneakers out there, this article is specifically about goodyear welt sneakers. Though if you are thinking of getting yourself some Grenson’s go for it. They are good quality

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